Thursday, July 28, 2011

How To Make A Bunny-Girl Polymer Clay Chibi

Clay chibis are popular among polymer clay artists. These cute, miniature clay people make great keychains, cell phone charms and jewelry pieces.

This tutorial will show you how to make a cute bunny-girl chibi charm.

What you'll need:

Polymer clay

Baking sheet

Eye pin

Oven/toaster oven

Polymer clay glaze
Break off a small chunk of skin-colored clay and roll it into a ball. Break off two smaller chunks and roll them into balls for the chibi's hands.

Roll a chunk of colored clay into a ball that's smaller than the ball for your chibi's head. This will be your chibi's body. Stick the body piece to the head. Press the two skin-tone balls to the front of the chibi's body.

Roll clay of a different color into several snakes. These will be strands of your chibi's hair. Trim them to your desired length and stick them to your chibi's head. Leave the front empty for the chibi's face.

Roll out two small balls for the eyes and stick them to your chibi's face.

Form two small rounded triangles for the bunny's ears. Place smaller rounded triangles in a contrasting color on the inside of the ears. Stick the ears to the chibi's head.

Trim down an eye pin so it's shorter than your chibi. Stick it into the top of the chibi's head.

Back according to the directions on the clay's package.

Glaze your chibi and show it off!

Thanks for reading and, remember, keep the DIY strong.

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